sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

Visita à Hehaver / Beit Israel

A Hehaver e Beit Israel tiveram o prazer de uma visita, incluindo um casal de canadianos, pertencentes à comunidade Beth Israel de Toronto.

Segue aqui um artigo desta comunidade referente a esta visita:

Portugal Through a Jewish Lens.

On a recent trip to Portugal, we learned much about the history of the country, its Jewish communities and saw many relevant sites. Most importantly we interacted with groups of returnees to Judaism, B'nai Anousim, former Crypto-Jews or as they are commonly known - Marranos.

We met with several groups, and each was unique.

In Lisbon the community is called Beit Yisrael, so naturally we felt very connected. We look forward to having a relationshiop between them and ourselves, Beth Israel in Peterborough.

Jocelyn and Jerry Cooper

Photos from Kehilat Beit Yisrael, Lisbon.

members of Beit Israel

in Porto - our guide, Yankle who inspired the trip, an author and the Coopers

Dear members of Beit Israel,

It was a real pleasure for us to meet you and participate in several of your services. Your hospitality and friendship were heartwarming! We were so touched that the name of your community was the same as ours - Beth Israel - here in Peterborough. We were destined to meet!

When we returned from our visit to Portugal, we naturally talked about this at shul. Our board decided to extend a hand across the miles with this little gift of a spice box.

You are welcome in our congregation (which is probably about the same size as yours) at all times!


Jocelyn and Jerry Cooper

For the members of Beth Israel Congregation Peterborough, ON Canada

Gift of a Spice Box to Kehilat Beit Israel.